hundreds of thousands

Some of my best photos from 2011

2011 has been a pretty crazy year all around. This year, I have:

  • been to four different continents and a dozen different countries
  • taken tens - if not hundreds - of thousands of photos (and 6,000 of them were good enough that I decided to keep them in my Lightroom library).
  • gotten engaged.
  • I've (nearly) brought my photography gadget Triggertrap to market 
  • Seen one of my books go on sale, and finished another one that'll go on sale in 2012. 

It's been an incredible ride. But really, in this post, I just wanted to share some of my fave photos from 2011 with you - they're in the gallery above!

Happy new year, and have a well-exposed 2012!

Rock on,

~ Haje


News in brief: 250,000 images free for use from Yale

Scattered throughout its museums, libraries, and archives, Yale holds a collection of hundreds of thousands of objects that are in some way culturally valuable – manuscripts, inscriptions, paintings, that sorta thing; they’ve got millions of high-res images of these objects, too. In an unprecedented move (amongst the Ivy League institutions, anyway) Yale is opening up these images and making them freely accessible in a new collective catalogue.

If the image is in the public domain, it’ll be available for download and transmission without any kind of licence or restrictions on its use. They’ve only just started the process; 250,000 is what’s available right now.

From Yale’s perspective, it is about opening up scholarship and ‘responsible stewardship’ of its collection. It’s also about moving with the times. So, who’ll be next then?

(Headsup to BoingBoing)

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