Some of my best photos from 2011

2011 has been a pretty crazy year all around. This year, I have:

  • been to four different continents and a dozen different countries
  • taken tens - if not hundreds - of thousands of photos (and 6,000 of them were good enough that I decided to keep them in my Lightroom library).
  • gotten engaged.
  • I've (nearly) brought my photography gadget Triggertrap to market 
  • Seen one of my books go on sale, and finished another one that'll go on sale in 2012. 

It's been an incredible ride. But really, in this post, I just wanted to share some of my fave photos from 2011 with you - they're in the gallery above!

Happy new year, and have a well-exposed 2012!

Rock on,

~ Haje