Wear's it app for photography and smartwatches?

What other photography wearables apps are out there, in addition to Triggertrap?

Yesterday Triggertrap announced that its development team has been beavering away to bring people yet more ways to remotely trigger their cameras. With their latest app-dition, you can banish camera-shake forever by triggering your camera from your wrist using your Pebble watch. There's an Apple Watch app in the works, too.

While it's early days for the Apple Watch, there are plenty of smartwatches out there already, so we thought we'd round-up the smartphone photography-related apps.

This took some serious rootling through the Intergoogles, because the truth is the sum-total of our smartwatch compatible photography apps search is decidedly poor. Sure, the smart watch might not be any good for looking at images–not really–but there's a whole world of possibilities out there. Come on developers, let your imaginations run riot!

1. Triggertrap

Anyone with Triggertrap for iOS and a Pebble watch can download the update and the relevant app respectively, and start feeling like James Bond, triggering their cameras via their smartphones for luscious long exposures, tantalising time-lapses, and silly selfies.

Android users needn't feel left out, they can already activate the simple cable release via their Pebble devices.

2. Instagram

If you've an Apple Watch, you can pair it up to your Instagram account. You can browse your feed from your wrist, hit 'Like' on any photos that take your fancy, and receive notifications, too. 

3. Photobuddy

Photobuddy was already a nifty iPhone app that allowed you to calculate settings such as depth-of-field, diffractions, or exposures. Pair it up with your Apple Watch and you can calculate exposure or depth-of-field from your wrist, or use it as a second screen that automatically syncs changes between your watch and your phone.

4. Pixtocam 

Androidwearers can control their smartphone cameras via Pixtocam: you can take photos or make videos, select between front and rear cameras, zoom in or out, set a self-timer, and adjust the flash.

5. Pebble Snap

With Pebble Snap you can remotely control your smartphone camera, set a self-timer between one second and one minute, switch between front and rear cameras, adjust the flash mode, tag your photos with your location, and share your photos to your social networks of choice. 

6. Watch Trigger +

Watch Trigger + is another Android+Pebble app combo that allows you to control your smartphone camera from your Pebble watch. 

7. PebbleCam

With PebbleCam you can see what your phone, Android or iOS, is seeing, but from your wrist. You can switch between front and rear cameras, turn on the flash, and release the shutter. 

8. A plethora of galleries

If you're into miniatures, there's a host of gallery and slideshow options for looking at photos on your wrist, from the built-in Photos app for the Apple Watch to Easy Gallery, SmartWatch Gallery, and Slideshow for SmartWatch.