Light Blaster, meet your new studio strobe adapter

A cool piece of kit just got better


We have a little bit of a crush on the Light Blaster here at Photocritic, so while we don't tend to do that many new product announcements any longer, we didn't think it would hurt to share with you a new strobe adapter to make the Light Blaster easier to use.

Lots of Light Blaster users felt a bit constrained by having to use the Light Blaster in conjunction with hot shoe flashes. In order to give them freer rein, there's now a universal studio strobe adapter that lets you power the Light Blaster with almost any studio strobe. But it isn't yet compatible with continuous lights.

The adapter will allow you to attach the Light Blaster to almost any studio strobe with a standard bowl reflector. It also comes with a silver-lined hood to prevent light spills. 

The Light Blaster will set you back $99 and the adapter is $120. Both of them are available from Spiffy Gear!