The Photo Man - a trader in found photos

Mark Kologi buys and sells found photographs. If not millions, then many thousands of old pictures have passed through his hands over the years. Forgotten bits of people's lives move from one place to another, one life to another. He speaks about his trade, and whether or not he takes liberties with people's lives, in this video made by Ben Kitnick and Saxon Richardson.

The Photo Man from Ben Kitnick on Vimeo.

As someone who has pondered the fate of old photographs, in my possession but not taken by me, his musing that it's better they find new homes rather than be binned struck a chord. I do wonder how I might feel if I found a photo I'd taken, or a photo of me or someone I know, amongst his stock. You?

(And remember, don't use a found photo for commercial purposes, you could end up in a Vampire Weekend of trouble.)