Metroprint launches Instragram print app

Photo 22-07-2013 09 44 00 When Metroprint, a British-based photographic print service, launched its Instagram print service in November last year, I did rather haul it over the coals. For a start, when I first gave it a go, I couldn't order prints direct from my smartphone, but had used a desktop interface, and when this piece of bad design or flawed planning was finally rectified, the interface sucked. I was far from impressed. You can probably tell from my article.

Anyway, eight months on and Metroprint has announced that it might just about have caught up with the times. Perhaps they even took notice of an email that I sent to them and I'm sure a good few other people might've told them something similar. There is now a Metroprint Instagram print app.

I downloaded it straight away (that bit's free).

metroprint 2First impressions are indeed favourable. You hook up with Instagram from the app, select the images you'd like printed, opt for glossy or matt, upload the images, and pay via Paypal. Prints are 42p each. UK delivery is £2.65, European delivery costs £5, and anywhere else in the world is £5.50. You would, therefore, do well to bulk order as it's a little pricey for a single 5×5 print.

From iOS you can also choose images from your camera roll and Metroprint are planning on more features soon.

If I do decide to get a print, I'll let you know what they're like. Otherwise, you can download the app from Apple's App Store or Google Play.