Starting a photography business

As someone who has worked as a freelance photographer, I’ve talked the talk and walked the walk about running my own photography business. I managed to stay afloat for 2 years, and then I couldn’t hack it anymore, realising I was more of a writer than a photographer. Fair dinkum, I’m now a journalist again, and I’m happy – especially because part of being a journalist means I have lots of time to work on writing projects, including my book, and Photocritic. 


Thing is, Photocritic started off as a DIY photography blog, but has morphed into a ‘I’ll write about anything that interests me and is vaguely photography related’. I am not writing this for myself, though, I’m writing this for my readers. Because I love ya :-)

Anyway – My last poll (shown below) asked if you guys wanted to make money of your photos, and the vast majority (90%, in fact) wanted to or were already doing that. The big question, then: Would you be interested in a series of articles about aspects of running a photography business, or am I getting too far off target? Vote in the polls below, and help shape Photocritic into what you want it to be!

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Should Photocritic run a series of articles on how to start a photography business?

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If you have any other ideas about what you’d love to read about, why not add a comment below? I’m always happy to hear from you lot!

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