PhotoJojo - Again!


Picture-1.jpgI’ve gone on about PhotoJoJo before, back in may, when they were just starting out but they deserve it, damn it, so here’s officially a re-recommendation of what they do. 


PhotoJoJo started off as a great idea by my good mate Amit and his mate Kara. The idea? Well, how about creating what essentially is a clone of Photocritic, but do it better? Only joking, what they are doing is quite different from what Photocritic does, but the catchline is much of the same: If you like quirky stuff that is photography related, you’ll definitely want these guys on your team.

Instead of being something as new-fangled and Web 2.0 as a blog, PhotoJoJo is a mailing list (with an archive, of course, so that’s kind of like a blog), which drip-feeds you great ideas. In the beginning, it was all a bit hit and miss as they were trying to find their footing in the world, but I’m glad to say that the innovation and the consistency of the quality has gone through the roof.

Hell, their dozen posts have all been on my ‘can I do something on this for Photocritic’ list, but I keep having to remind myself that I’m the Photocritic blog, not a text archive of PhotoJoJo :-)

Anyway, with articles like their mailable photo frame, the 10 cent, 10 second photo holder, and the add a decade to anyone’s face article, how can you fail them?

Brilliant stuff. I’d really appreciate it if you came back to Photocritic to read our stuff, of course, but make sure you subscribe to PhotoJoJo as well!

And Amit — I know you’ll be reading this — Keep up the fantastic work! :)

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