Photocritic goes retro


My jove, you lot are harsh critics. A couple of days ago, I launched a new design of Photocritic, and asked for comments. The whole design was instantly shot down.

Comments such as “It looks like a clown puked after eating too much candy. It’s hideous and amateur looking” made me think, and then even my designer friends started making fun of me. Hey, what can I say, I’m not a designer, all right?  


In case your memory is a bit rubbish, this was the original Photocritic design, which was pretty much unchanged since Feb ’06:


And because there’s actually a pretty good chance that you missed the design that was in use only for a couple of days: This is what it looked like:


So I decided to revert to the old design, while my good friend Martin sharpened his CSS toolkit, and started tinkering with the design. Together, we decided on a colour palette, and I let slip that I quite liked retro stuff. Martin, inspired and with a bee under his bonnet, was off like a bullet, and within a few days, the revised design was completed. I have spent a couple of days tinkering with the functionality etc, but now we’re finally ready to announce the new design.

I hope you like it better than the last one, and with a bit of luck, this is going to be the look of Photocritic for the next few months, at least, while we are moving forward to bigger and better things.

Thanks for sticking with me, everybody, and I hope this new design is enjoyable to most of you. And if it ain’t, well, tough titties, really, because I like it, it’s my blog, and I ain’t changin’ it :)

Many, many thanks to Martin

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