The greatest photo holiday

Back when I was still working as a photographer, I had a Vespa. Arguably, it was one of the best travel photography tools I ever owned: It is slow, so you have time to take in the scenery around you. It is open-topped, so you have plenty of good views. You can stop at any time to take photos, and be on your way again within seconds.

When I heard about the Rickshaw Run, nostalgia enveloped me. 2,000 miles in a rickshaw through India? Think about all the possibilities… 


The Rickshaw Run is such an amazing idea. No matter what happens, it would be an adventure of downright epic proportions. In one of these, imagine how close you can get to India, its culture, its landscape, its people, and it’s, well, Indianess. I wish I had enough cash to pay for the plane ticket, cause I would have done it in a flash.

Bring a camera you can afford to lose, and a metric arse-tonne of film or memory cards. This is going to be epic. I wish I could participate. And hell, it’s the cheapest photography opportunity you’re going to find of its calibre…

If any of you lot decide to go, let me know!

Find out more over on Fast Car magazine.

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