Yogile: quick and easy photo-sharing


There is such a plethora of web-based photo-sharing options out there that I’m always a little sceptical of someone telling me about a new one. It’s not just that it is a flooded market, but the front-runners do it so well. However, I think I might just have been pointed in the direction of something a little bit different.

How about an online collaborative gallery? One where lots of people can upload their own photos of a particular event — for example a wedding — to a single place, and then share the photos amongst themselves or make it available to the general public. It’s available over at Yogile.

After someone has established a gallery, potential contributors, or just viewers, are emailed a URL and password. They click the link to see the gallery and follow the simple instructions to upload photos. Alternatively, photos can be emailed to the gallery directly. Apart from the person establishing the gallery, no one has to be a member.

It’s a clean, unfussy interface and you can even leave comments. Yep, simple, stress-free photo-sharing. Now someone just needs to get married, or throw a party, or organise a village fete…