It ain't the camera...


So you think your camera isn’t good enough? You’re probably wrong. No, seriously – you’re about as wrong as you can possibly be. I know I keep droning on about this, but here’s the proof, once and for all.

The awesome guys over at have done a video showing off how they were able to do a photo shoot with the worst camera they could think of.

“To prove this, I’m going to shoot an entire fashion shoot with the worst camera possible… Any Olympus SLR camera”… Of course, that wasn’t bad enough… And they shot the whole thing on an iPhone 3GS instead.

Check out the video:

As Lee Morris says: “I posted a few of the images and asked people to critique them (never exposing that they were shot on my cell phone). I couldn’t help but laugh when a few of our readers claimed that these were ‘the best images I had ever taken.’ Nobody ever claimed that they were too grainy, too soft, or lacked detail.”

Oh snap. Check out the full article with a load of sample photos over on Fstoppers.