Yet another copyright dispute... Texas-style


We’ve seen plenty of disputes in the past over photographs being used illegally for commercial purposes, including lawsuits filed by models… and uhh, astronauts.

Well, the latest dispute is kind of a shocker and involves the Texas Department of Public Safety. Apparently, photographer David Langford’s 1984 photo of a cowboy has been altered and used in over 4.5 million vehicle inspection stickers by the Texas DPS. He’s suing the state for damages and attorney fees.

While the stickers were made by state prison inmates, via contract with the Department of Criminal Justice, it still surprises me that something as simple as copyright-checking went over the heads of such a large government department. But then again, a team of state government workers and prison inmates aren’t exactly an intellectual powerhouse. If you’ve ever had contact with anyone at your local DMV, it’s not so shocking after all, is it?

(via The Online Photographer.)