Three blogs for inspiration


Suffering a bit from photographer’s block? There are a whole heap of ways to help you get over it, but sometimes a healthy dose of inspiration from other photos can be just what you need. If Flickr isn’t quite what you’re looking for, three of my current favourite sites might be. Two of them aren’t solely dedicated to photos, but inspiration can take many different forms. So enjoy!

PhotoDonuts might have a slightly odd name, but they showcase sets of work from four or five different photographers everyday. There’re all sorts of different styles to be seen; I’m particularly partial to the vintage collection, and there are some photos under ‘creative’ that’ll make you go: ‘How did they do that?’ What’s more, if you’d like see your work featured there, they are open to submissions of portfolios for consideration, too.

I Like This Blog isn’t just about photos – you’ll find videos, paintings, fashion, and design throughout its corridors of wow. And of course, you don’t have to take inspiration just from photos, do you? They have a team of people who ‘curate’ the site, but accept emails asking for a review, too.

Finally, there’s Yay!Everyday. Again, they don’t feature just photographs, but if there isn’t an image amongst their quirky posters, unusual paintings, or gorgeous photographs that makes you want to pick up your camera, I’m not sure what will. Go check it out.

And have your camera close to hand.