What are Polaroid and Lady Gaga up to?

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 17.47.27

Lady Gaga, debatable style icon and Twitter Queen, together with iconic manufacturers of instamatic cameras, Polaroid, are up to something. What, it isn’t quite certain, except that it’s called Grey Label. Honestly, you’d think that they’d settle on a slightly more inspiring or exciting name than that, wouldn’t you? It’s hardly as if Lady Gaga isn’t on the spectacular side of spectacular, is it?

Anyway. Come 15:30 PST (that’s 18:30 EST and 23:30 GMT) today, all will be revealed on a live webcast from CES. Whether you’re a closet Lady Gaga fan who hangs on her every word and fashion-forward move or just fancy having an oggle, you can do so by logging on to the Polaroid website. You might even find out what this whole Grey Label business is, too.

I might manage to stay awake to have a peek, as well. Just.