Q&A: What is the ideal image spec that can be used for web and print?

The key thing to keep in mind is resolution. An image online that covers the entire width of the Quora page would be less than 1000 pixels wide. If that photo is as tall as it is wide, it's a 1 megapixel photo (1,000 x 1,000 pixels) If you take that photo and print it in high quality (300 dots per inch), it would be quite small (8.4 x 8.4 cm / 3 x 3 inches). So, if you are looking to buy / commission / create photographs that work both in print and on screen, then worry about print resolutions, not about the resolution on screen.

The second thing you need to worry about, is sharpening the image for its target output medium. Glossy magazines need the photos sharpened differently than if you want to show it on screen, or print it on newsprint. Cambridge in Colour has a great Guide to Image Sharpening.

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Taking 'shooting self portraits' to a new level.

Today, aged 88, Ria van Dijk still makes her pilgrimage to the Shooting Gallery.

In almost every picture #7 tells the story of a Dutch woman whose life is seen from the point of view of a fairground shooting gallery.

The chronological series begins in 1936, when a 16-year-old girl from Tilburg in Holland picks up a rifle and shoots at the target in a shooting gallery.

Today, aged 88, Ria van Dijk still makes her pilgrimage to the Shooting Gallery.

Every time she hits the target, it triggers the shutter of a camera.

The prize? The girl firing the gun gets a copy of the photo.

And so, a life-long love affair with the shooting gallery begins.

This series documents almost every year of the woman’s life (apart from a not-too-difficult-to-understand six-year hiatus between 1939 and 1945) up until present times.

In almost every picture #7 is a biography of one woman’s life from an unusual perspective.

The series enables us to witness the times she lived in, as well as acting as a revealing look at the changing face of photography through the decades.

If you’re interested, you can buy the book here, or take a look at a selection of the photos over on their website!

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