photography school

Want to learn how to use your shiny new camera? Try the Photocritic Photography School!

You have a shiny new camera with interchangeable lenses, more knobs and dials than the TARDIS, and enough buttons to keep a three year old happy for hours. It's thrilling and exciting, and you cannot wait to get started. But where exactly do you start? How can you get off of the automatic mode and take control of all the picture-making marvel that your camera has to offer? You could always sign up for the Photocritic Photography School.

It's a year-long course, with a lesson and an assignment delivered to your email inbox every three weeks. Once you complete your assignment and share it in your class' pool, you'll receive some feedback on your endeavours. (We also encourage our students to comment on their classmates' work: the more thoughts the better!) It starts with some simple techniques to see an immediate improvement in your photos and moves through technical, creative, and practical exercises to see you taking better photos week on week. No pressure, and lots of fun!

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Even better: if you sign up for the class that starts on 3 January, it's free! What are you waiting for? The sign-up form's here!

Free Photography School

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You're just starting out in photography, but you can't quite seem to get the hang of things? Or perhaps you've been taking photos for a while, and you're itching to get some inspiration to develop? Or maybe you've always been a person who learns best when they get a little bit of a push in the right direction?

Well, I've got some good news for you; I'm starting a photography school.

Well, a virtual one, anyway.

The first ever course starts on May 1st, so if you sign up before then, you'll be part of the very first course - but don't worry; we're starting additional courses after that, too.

It's completely free, it'll be a lot of fun, and you'll learn a load about photography in the process. How awesome is that?

For more information and to enroll, check out the Photocritic Photography School website.