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2011: my favourite photos

Out of the shadows

2011 has been a bit of rollercoaster. I completed a project I'd been working on for two years; I quit my day job; I wrote my first book; and I planned a six-month trip overseas. It has been stressful, fulfilling, and thrilling by turns.

Amongst all of the excitement and uncertainty, I even managed to take a few photos. I've shared a few of my favourites in the gallery above.

Which leaves me to toast 2012 - when I'll be skipping the UK in favour of the US, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, and maybe even a late stop in Thailand - and thank you for joining for the ride so far. Next year should be even better!

iPhoneography meets environmental activism


Photographs of water + online exhibition = increased awareness of water pollution.

That’s the equation Greenpeace is working on, anyway. It has joined forces with Steply, the iPhone photo-sharing app, to create a user-curated online gallery of water-themed photographs and bring to people’s attention just what it is that we, and heavy industry, are doing to the earth’s water supply.

It’s a pretty simple process. If you use Steply, you take a photo to make Poseidon and the Naiades proud, you tag it with #gpwater in the photo description, and you share it to Steply between now and 12 December 2010. Steply will even send you a ‘special item’ to show that you support the campaign. (Although they’ve not been so kind as to tell me what the ‘special item’ is. I’m guessing it won’t be a Rolex.) If you don’t already use Steply, you can download it here.

Greenpeace is hosting the Hope and Pain exhibition of water-themed pictures by Eugene Smith, Aileen Mioko Smith, and Lu Guang at the Blindspot Gallery in Hong Kong, from 4 to 12 December, too.

You can find out more, and look at everyone’s contributions, here.