Catch up with the Datacolor & Triggertrap remote triggering webinar

If you weren't able to catch the Datacolor and Triggertrap webinar on remote controlled photography yesterday, possibly because you were sleeping (in the Antipodes and Asia), having dinner (in Europe and Africa), or at work (in the Americas), then you need feel guilty or excluded no longer. The recording is now available for your perusal. You can stop and start it and rewind* it as often as you want. The webinar placed David Saffir and C. David Tobie on hand to share their knowledge and experience when it comes to remote controlled camera operation, from the the basics of shooting tethered to a computer to stop-motion. Why not take a peek?

* Does one still 'rewind' digital video? Clearly the word is a hang-over from the days of tape recordings. Hmm.

Mark your calendars: remote camera triggering webinar on Thursday

If you're free on Thursday at around 2PM EDT (7PM BST, or see this handy link for the correct time zone near you), you're in for a treat: Triggertrap and Datacolor are doing a webinar on remote camera triggering! It's like a seminar, but online!Most cameras have a range of creative remote control capabilities you may not even know exist. In this exploration of remote camera control possibilities we will cover the basics of shooting tethered to a computer, remote release devices, time and interval shooting (including interval shooting for combination into video streaming later) and remote triggering via long-run wired and wireless connections.

Applications will include, but are not limited to: commercial, stop-motion, wildlife, city and landscape photography.

It's a 1-hour seminar with David Saffir and C David Tobie, discussing the creative approaches you can use to trigger your camera remotely!

You can register for the seminar on the Datacolor webinars page today.