Switching space and time

What happens when you want to interchange time and space in a video? Yep, it can be done: watch and find out, in this video by Last Future.

On the Vimeo page, he explains… ‘I was sitting in a train traveling through The Netherlands recently when for some odd reason I decided I had to take a video of the landscape passing by. I had no real use for it but decided to try and make something of it.

I remembered slit-scan photography, a method where a slit is moved across the picture plane essentially taking a temporal image, where different times of the scene are captured on different parts of the film.’

Combining the technique of slit-scan and a spot of video editing, he came up with a brilliantly unique video…

Temporal Video Experiment from lastfuture on Vimeo.

And if you want to try to wrap your head around how he did it, there’s a making of video, too!

Temporal Video Experiment – Making Of from lastfuture on Vimeo.