Sony World Photography Awards

Sony Open_Overall

If you haven’t already entered the Sony World Photography Awards competition, you should probably think about it. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiastic amateur, there is almost certainly a category that you can enter, and there are some pretty neat prizes on offer, too!

It’s divided into two sections: professional and open. Okay, so the pros do have a substantially larger prize fund available to them: $25,000 compared to $5,000, but if you win the open competition, you’ll be flown to the next Sony World Photography Awards ceremony and World Photography Festival in London. (I wonder if that means they’d fly me out of City Airport and into Heathrow?)

There’s a vast array of categories into which you can submit images, and a fairly awesome judging panel.

You can be any age to enter the open competition, but if you’re under 16 you will require consent from parents or guardians. Closing date is 5 January 2011.

The competition is free to enter and supports the Bill of Rights for Competitions. What are you waiting for? Lots more information is available here for the open competition and here for pros!