My Nokia Photography school

A photo of a Nokia N8... Taken with a Nokia N8! How deliciously meta.

So you guys may have been wondering what the hell I’ve been up to these last few months. Finally, the cat is out of the bag.

When Nokia was developing their new Nokia N8 phones, they decided to create the best camera phone the world has ever seen. For starters, they got Carl Zeiss to make a tasty f/2.8 lens for them, and paired it with a rather capable 12-megapixel imaging sensor. Of course, it’s a pretty solid phone all around, but Nokia asked me to take us back to photography basics: With a camera phone this good, it is back to the drawing board for people who use their phones just for occasional snaps.  

A photo of a Nokia N8... Taken with a Nokia N8! How deliciously meta.

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