Slidestrap: a simple and stylish camera strap

I'm not a great fan of the strap that came with my camera. For a start, who wants to walk around advertising their camera make and model to all and sundry? It's a siren to wannabee muggers that I have an expensive piece of kit on my person. 'Oh yes! Do come over here and relieve me of thousands of pounds-worth of photography gear. I don't mind at all!' Neither is it especially practically designed. Usually, I sling my camera across my body, which means that a 70-200mm protruding from my hip is uncomfortable and has the potential for damage, either to the lens itself or someone or something else. And there's an awkward moment of readjustment when I bring my camera to my eye. Lazily, I've not done anything about this yet. I suppose it's an 'I've coped for this long, so why change my habits now?' mentality. But there's a Kickstarter project in town that might convince me to get my credit card out of my wallet and get a new strap.

VU's Slidesrtrap

It's called the Slidestrap and it has been developed by Glasgow-based start-up VU Equipment. They couldn't find the strap that suited them (or me): not covered in repeated corporate logos or bright patterns, simple and didn’t require constant adjusting, yet made from high quality materials. The solution? To design one themselves.

The Slidestrap has been designed to be worn across the body but without the need to readjust it to take a photo: just slide the camera along the strap. Its mounting plate ensures that lenses are carried downwards and not outwards, making them less vulnerable to knocks and scrapes. And it's made from cotton and leather: hard-wearing, comfortable, but understated.

From hip to eye in one slick movement

With 17 days to go the project is 78% funded. With a Slidestrap pledge valued at £29, it needs another 73 backers to get it underway. I hope it makes it.