ExpoExpress: guerilla photo exhibiting

With so many photos being taken every day, and only a fraction of those making onto Facebook or Flickr or 500px, and even fewer of those really being looked at, how can we give our images a better chance of being seen? Especially by people who don't necessarily hang around the usual photo-sharing sites. It was a question that was puzzling Sydney-based photographer Manuel Caminero. He also wanted to make better use of an 18-hour lay-over in Dubai when he'd already seen most of the sites. (I'd take an abra over the creek into old Dubai to explore the backstreets and pick up some street food. Always worthwhile.)

# ExpoExpress from Manuel Caminero on Vimeo.

His solution? A sort of guerilla photo exhibition. He printed out a selection of his Australian lifestyle images and stuck them up (temporarily) in a public place in Dubai. Then he waited and watched. To his surprise, there was a generally positive reaction to his little project. People would stop and take a look, and when he had a word with them, they liked it. So he did it again. And again. And again.

And he reckons that you should give it a go, too. He calls it ExpoExpress: Print off a compelling series of images, find a place to pin them up in public, and then observe people's reactions to your work.

Just make sure that you don't litter. Or menace. Or cause any kind of obstruction.