'Shooting Yourself' goes on sale this week!

We're nothing if not collaborative here at Photocritic, and Shooting Yourself is a great example of that - containing photos of around a hundred self-portraiture artists, curated by yours truly, and with a big load of input from Daniela (also of Photocritic fame)... It's one big orgy of words, pictures, and - yes - self portraits! Find out more over on my other website, and pre-order your copy from your favourite bookshop. If you can't wait, or if you prefer a digital copy, you can grab a virtual copy of Shooting Yourself from Ilex Instant. You've got to hurry, though, I hear Ilex Instant is about to run out! (I jest, I jest... Adam, my publisher over at Ilex, ensures me that they have plenty of digital stock)

What are you waiting for? Shuffle over and grab your copy today!