New iPad photo magazine: Photographer's I

The front cover. It even has my name on it. Score.

If you've ever held an iPad playing full-resolution video, or showing a slide show, you would be forgiven for thinking "Screw magazines, this is the future". I'm not sure if I completely agree - for one thing, that would do bad things to my fun-to-write column for Photography Monthly, but there's also something tactile and wonderful about magazines in general - but there can be no doubt that an iPad is fantastic in many ways.

So, if you were to design a photography 'magazine' for the iPad, what would you do? I would ensure that it contains top photography writers and contributors (like Abbas, Paul Harcourt Davies, Natalie Dybisz, Michael Freeman, Bob Krist, Steve Simon, my good self, and many other talented 'togs). I would include a load of video content, I would make sure that the iPad's screen gets a proper work-out with glorious high-resolution images.

And once all of that is done, I'd call it Photographer's I. Ladies and gentlemen, fire up your iPads, turn to the App store, and get your copy of Photographer's I today. It's funny, you'll definitely learn something, and it's easily the best thing since some dude sliced a loaf of bread with the sharp edge of his MacBook Air.

Get it here. Go on.