Cookie cutters that'll make cameras good enough to eat!

I thought that I had a pretty awesome cookie cutter collection - it even includes giraffes - but it's about to get a whole lot awesomer! (No, I know that 'awesomer' isn't a real word, but I'm not sure I care at this juncture. I'm having a childish moment of 'Squee!') Move over the entire alphabet of cookie cutters and bring on the camera-shaped ones!

Uh-hmm! Cookie cutters shaped like SLR, range-finder, and twin lens reflex cameras are now available from the DIYPhotography store. It's $17.95 for the three, they're made from PBA-free plastic, and they even have a cookie recipe included. Now you can most definitely have that Canon 1D X and you can eat it!

My biscuit obsession and my camera obsession are about to make cute, tasty babies!