Have you seen Flickr's new avatars?

As well as the new layout and the new business model that it rolled out this week, Flickr also introduced 12 new default avatars for anyone who chooses not to upload her or his own identifying image to attach to their homepage and comments. Designed by Charis Tsevis, they're bright, blocky, and I have to say I rather like them. The designs fall into the genre that Tsevis calls 'Neo-Futurism' or 'Neo-Cubism' and feature stylised cameras that include Canon or Nikon dSLRs; medium format, twin lens reflex, and old-fashioned polaroid cameras; mirror-less cameras that might be from Olympus, Nikon, and maybe Sony; as well as compact cameras resembling Fujis and Sonys; and of course the smartphone. He goes into more detail on the brief and his design process on his blog.

I think I might start a round of Flickr avatar bingo. Anyone up for it?

(Headsup to Design Taxi)