Money for nothing, and your pics for free


Generally, I’m not a huge fan of sites that give away photos for free: They’re in direct competition with several of my streams of revenue, after all. But some times, as I get stuck in the ever-lasting cycle of knocking heads together in order to protect my copyright, I realise that the internet doesn’t always work like that…

There will always be a minority of people who decide that they want to steal other people’s pictures (Or, more precisely, who do not want to pay for their photos). The next time I catch someone nicking one of my photos, I know where to point them…

Simple Portraitphoto © 2009 Aleera | more info (via: Wylio)

Enter the Creative Commons

Wylio is a website that does one thing, but does it well: It’s a Creative Commons search engine, which takes the trouble out of searching Flickr’s Creative Commons pictures.

I know what you’re thinking: “But.. It’s not as if it’s that hard to search Creative Commons pictures on Flickr as it is!”. And you’d be right – but I’m starting to understand that any barrier to finding legal-to-use free images is too much… And it’s easier to send someone a single URL than a set of instructions for how to search the Commons.

The second advantage Wylio gives you is that they’ll resize the image for you, and provide you with the HTML code to insert the image into your posts where relevant. Great, except they give you an impenetrable mess of a HTML block that most savvy bloggers will dislike strongly.

Anyway, head over to Wylio and give it a whirl yourself!

The image in this post was found & embedded via Wylio.