Mix and match with the Gura Gear Uinta

Gura Gear has launched a modular camera bag that you can chop and change depending on how you're planning to use it that day. Whether you're out for a day's street photography, a up-hill and down-dale hike, or a walk with some photography, the Uinta is intended to meet your needs. In addition to the bag, you can purchase modular inserts to secure your kit. Depending on how you want to use the bag, you can configure the modules appropriately. As well as the modules there's an additional Tripod and Hydration System, and the bag has multiple access points, is weatherproof, and has space for a 17" MacBook.

Camera gear + laptop sleeve

As for those mix-and-match modules, they'll let you:

  • Maximise camera storage using both the medium and small modules
  • Carry plenty of camera gear towards the top of the bag in the medium module and pack other necessities in the bottom of the bag
  • Take just a few pieces of camera equipment with the small module and use the rest of the bag for your other gear. The small module fits top or bottom in the bag, letting you distribute the weight as you need to
  • Use no modules at all and just use the bag as a bag

With one module

The bag alone costs £120; the small module is another £43, the medium module will cost an extra £55. For the bag and both modules, you'll pay out £217. For the entire kit-and-caboodle, including the Tripod and Hydration system, it's just over £241. What do you reckon, is Gura Gear's Uinta worth it for the flexibility, or on the over-priced side?

Bag + modules

If you fancy one, you can check it out on the Gura Gear website.