One world. Five cities. Three minutes of time-lapse video gorgeousness.

Inspired by the success of last year's LapseLondon, this autumn, Triggertrap created LapseWorld

San Francisco by Zachary Rymland

San Francisco by Zachary Rymland

Throughout October 2015, Triggertrap invited photographers from in and around London, Cape Town, Milan, San Francisco, and New York to join them in capturing a day in the life of these cities through the wonder that is time-lapse photography.

The result is LapseWorld, a glorious three minute video charting the comings and goings, the hustle and bustle, the similarities and the differences, the traffic junctions and the riverside views of these cities. In short, it's a beautiful glimpse into urban life in three continents. 

Take a look for yourself:

If you feel inspired to have a go at time-lapse photography, whether it's capturing a bud come into flower or a building being erected across the street, we have plenty of tips and some tutorials to help get you started. And it's worth knowing that Triggertrap is offering free shipping on all orders over £40/$50 between now and Christmas, in case you need any kit.