Improving your post-event sales with PicsCliq

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If photography is your job, the world of wedding photography can be tricky to break into, especially if you’re looking for it to be your main source of income. Maybe you’re great at shooting the stuff but have no idea how to get decent sales from what you produce. All those wedding guests are potential customers: if only you could interest them all in a getting a print of their own. Basically, we’re talking about post-event sales and how PicsCliq can help boost those sales.

So, how do you get the most out of your post-event sales? Now I don’t do weddings but, as far as I know, barricading the church door and only letting people out once they’ve bought a print is frowned upon and considered “a bit unprofessional”. A big frustration of many event and wedding photographers is that they find it hard to connect with their potential customer base once they leave the venue.

This is where PicsCliq comes in. PicsCliq is, essentially, a service designed to drive sales for your work following an event by taking advantage of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. A service like Facebook is handy for increasing awareness of the images because, it can be safely assumed, a large chunk of the attendees of the wedding will have an interest in looking at the wedding photos put up by the happy couple. The downside of Facebook is that once a photographer uploads their work, it’s hard to control how and where it is used.

My wedding portrait of a (sickeningly photogenic) chum of mine.

PicsCliq integrates with Facebook, filling in what is missing from uploading on your own: control of the images and, most importantly, sales options for those who are viewing the image. This is the gap that PicsCliq is looking to fill, allowing you to take proper advantage of the exposure social media can offer you. PicsCliq refer to themselves as a “full service solution”, as they handle everything, from the initial generation of traffic, right through to the printing, packaging and shipping of the work.

It’s free to sign up and upload your images to PicsCliq and they only make money if they actually generate sales for you, so it’s certainly worth a punt.

Personally, I think this is ideal for new professionals looking to start making money from photography. Although PicsCliq are currently focusing on weddings, they do plan to expand into all kinds of events in the near future.

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