G-Technology Driven Creativity exhibition

The Henley Swim, by Iain Weir

Last night I meandered off to Brick Lane to see the G-Technology Driven Creativity exhibition. The exhibition features the short-listed entries from the G-Technology Driven Creativity competition, which was run by Hitachi. I was most interested in the photos that were on display, but films were being shown (in the basement) and music was being played (on the ground floor), too. It’s a very creative undertaking, this one, and featured work by both professionals and amateurs.

The professional photography prize went to Iain Weir for his photo of swimmers gathered in the Thames at stupid o’clock in the morning, ready to participate in the Henley Swim.

The Henley Swim, by Iain Weir

The amateur prize went to patty, for her photo Eternal, showing a tree somewhat incongruously in the midst of a timber merchant’s yard.

eternal, by patty

If you’re looking for something to do for an hour before grabbing a curry on Brick Lane or catching a train out of Liverpool Street, then you could do worse than to head to the gallery for a look-see.

The G-Technology Driven Creativity exhibition runs from Tuesday 17 to Monday 22 November 2010 at the Brick Lane Gallery, 196 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA.