Fuji V3: glasses-free 3D viewing

Fuji V3

I’m not sure if Fuji’s new glasses-free 3D digital photoframe is indicative of consumers jumping on the 3D bandwagon and wanting to be able to display their multi-dimensional masterpieces in their living rooms and Fuji meeting that need, or if it’s Fuji trying to convince us that we do really want to take 3D photos and here’s an easy way to display them and not look like a prat in those ridiculous glasses at the same time. Maybe a bit of both. Still, it’s the FinePix REAL 3D V3, and you don’t need glasses in order to look at photos where balls fly out of the screen or birds swoop towards you. (Bother! No Joe90 glasses to protect your eyes anymore!)

The V3 uses a lenticular viewing system. It has lenses aligned at left and right angles on a sheet, which means that your left and right eyes will view different images, with the parallax difference between the two eyes creating the 3D effect. The images should be ‘crystal clear’ without any irritating flicker.

Obviously a digital photoframe that only displays 3D images would be a touch on the niche side right now, so you can look at regular 2D snaps on it. The viewing angle is pretty impressive, at up to 160° horizontally and 140° vertically. And to ensure that it really gets a foothold in the market, the V3 has an HDMI port so that you can watch things direct from your FinePix REAL 3D W3 digital camera or any other HDMI-enabled device; as well as displaying 3D videos in 720p high-def, with sound.

It’s SD/SDHC card compatible and has an 512MB internal memory; has a remote control; and there are the usual bits pieces like a calendar and a clock.

Fuji hasn’t announced a price or date, but I’m betting it’ll be available before Christmas.