Photo week at Apple


For anyone who was looking for any kind of excuse to saunter over to the Apple Store on Regent Street, they’re laying on a series of photography events over the week 7 to 14 November. And they extend a bit beyond just using the iPhone. Apple’s brought on board NK Guy, the MV collective, and David Ward and Eddie Ephraums, amongst others, to offer a series of workshops, talks, aimed at photographers of varying abilities and backgrounds.

There are beginners’ guides to lenses, portfolio reviews for slightly more experienced photographers who are looking to progress, as well as in depth looks at different types of cameras and which sorts of photographer they suit and a talk from pro Mark Esper. There are plenty of sessions that cover the iPhone camera and the plethora of apps, but there’s an off-camera lighting masterclass and a session that explores the best means to back up your image archive, too.

You will have to reserve your spot at some sessions and there’s quite a bit going on, so you’d be best heading over the Regent Street website and taking a look at the full schedule.