Fancy that? Fancy photo-sharing facilities from Flickr

Flickr new share

Noticed anything slightly different about Flickr? (Assuming of course that you frequent the Flickr-verse. It’s be a bit hard to notice if you don’t.) They’ve changed their ‘Share’ facility. It’s now a one-stop-shop to share your pixels of perfections via FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogger. That’s all a bit easier and more web-functional than having just the option of email.

If you’re logged-in, you can share your photos, whether individually as a set, in groups, or even your entire photostream to FaceBook. If you don’t want to make all of your photos public on Flickr but do want to share them with your FaceBook friends, that’s all perfectly possible. And you can set things up to automatically share your public Flickr feed to FaceBook.

If you’re not signed-in, you can still share your public photos via Twitter and Facebook in one click, from the now-drop-down share panel conveniently located at the top left of a photo.

There are more changes in the works, too.

All you ever wanted to know about photosharing on Flickr is on their blog.