Facebook updates photo tagging

The World Nude Bike Ride is great fun - but that doesn't mean you necessarily want the photos showing up on your Facebook wal

It used to be easy to untag yourself from a photo on Facebook - you simply click 'Untag', and the deed is done. In the most recent Facebook privacy update, there are a few changes.

The bad(ish) news is that the untagging functionality is still there, but it adds another step. The good news is that you are given more options to help manage your digital reputation.


The new button is now called Report/Remove Tag, and gives you a host of new options; You can tell Facebook whether you want to simply remove a tag, but you can also report it as harassment of yourself or a friend. Finally, you can report it as inappropriate in a different way; whether the image is part of a spam or scam attempt, whether it contains pornography or graphic violence, depictation of illegal drug use, or hate speech / symbols.


When it comes to the actual de-tagging, things have been updated as well; As before, you can still just remove the tag, but now, you're also able to request the person who uploaded the photo to take it down altogether. Finally, you are given the option to block the person who uploaded the photo altogether. If you do that, all photos they've tagged of you will be un-tagged, and they can no longer contact you via Facebook in any way.

Given how powerful Facebook is becoming, it's refreshing to see how Zuckerberg & co are taking privacy a little bit more seriously. Good news all around, I think!

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