Put your photos in front of 12M people

Studmuffin and saucy minx.

Sit back and think of the phrase 'Every Second Counts' for just a second. What springs to mind? As photographers, we capture the world in fraction-of-a-second slices, all of us hunting for the elusive moment that captures the essence of our subjects.

I suppose it wouldn't be too far-fetched, then, for Justin Timberlake's upcoming film 'In Time', to link in with a photography competition. The concept for Timberlake's newest film is that in the future, people stop aging at 25 and must work to buy themselves more time. A young man (Timberlake, of course) finds himself with more time than he can imagine, and he must run from the corrupt police force to save his life.

All very Hollywood, but what's that got to do with photography?

As the earlier-alluded photography tie-in: Justin is asking photographers to "capture a moment that almost could have been". The photo can be of anything and everything— they're looking for a unique perspective that best embodies the theme.

If you're the lucky winner, you receive global exposure. Among other things, your image will be featured as the official profile picture on Justin Timberlake’s Facebook page (that's where the 12 million pairs of eyes come into play) for the month of November 2011.

The winning photograph will also be displayed in a pop-up gallery at the Premiere of In Time in Los Angeles, and various other places, too.

Awesome, eh? Enter the competition now - every second counts! (And no, they didn't pay me to write this. But maybe they should. Timberlake, if you're reading this, PayPal payments go to h@kamps.org. Thanks! :)