DOF problems a thing of the past?


Picture-12.jpgI haven’t actually tried it myself, but I recently stumbled over a piece of software called HeliconFocus. It promises to eliminate the DOF problem you get when photographing objects. Just imagine: You can photograph on the sweet spot of your lens (around f8 seems to be the highest sharpness / DOF tradeoff for most of my lenses), yet get everything in the image in complete, perfect focus!

Of course, this is a genius invention for people who work with Macro photography especially…  


As the programmers themselves say:

HeliconFocus is a program that creates one completely focused image from several partially focused images by combining the focused areas.

The program is designed for macro photography, micro photography and hyperfocal landscape photography to cope with the shallow depth-of-field problem.

Helicon Focus also aligns images as objects often change their size and position from shot to shot. This function is especially important for macrophotography.

Give it a shot. If anyone would like to do a review of it, let me know!

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