A day in the life of the Paperazzi

Some of you who are reading this may recall the Prince Naseem Car Crash pictures and the ensuing court case that followed; We recently stumbled across the account of the day from a Photographer’s perspective.

The photographs were done by Gary Bagshawe, who bagged a cool £8,000 (US$14K) in one day from the pics,work, and is still making money off the photos today. 


May bank holiday 2005, World snooker final is on at the Crucible (didn’t manage to get a press pass….again) so the Mrs had me working in the garden re building the dry stone wall, oh joy!!!

Half way through this enviable task I heard a lot of sirens, and I mean loads. Having chased many a blue flashing light I could tell that there were fire engines, police cars and Ambulances, I looked towards the Mrs and said “that sounds nasty and continued my joyous task of re building the wall, about 5 minutes later I heard more sirens! Then I saw the air ambulance fly overhead. I looked pleadingly towards my better half…

Read the rest of the account over on Pixalo, in their A Day in the Life of a Professional Photographer article.

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