Colour filters on a keyring

Photojojo filters 2

Colour filters: love them. The crinkled mess they always seem to end up in, no matter how carefully I store them: not so much.

If only someone would find an easy-to-store, easy-to-use solution for creased and wrinkled gels. ‘But Daniela,’ goes an email that has just dropped into my inbox, ‘we have!’

Those clever people over at Photojojo have put eight colour filters onto a keyring. So you get the entire spectrum, plus a double helping of green, in one easy-to-use place. Not only will they stay wherever you attach them, being on a keyring and all, but because they’re made from acrylic they won’t crumple either. Huzzah!

Now you can turn your whole world sky-blue-pink with a filter or eight over your lens, or just bits of your world lime-green-orange by using a handy-dandy elastic band to secure a filter over your flash. Not keen on lime-green-orange? Try imperial-purple-yellow with scarlet spots instead.

Available from Photojojo for US$15.