Banning photographers from photography events


If you’ve ever been to the UK (or, indeed, anywhere in Europe), you know that football (as we like to call soccer over here, since it’s played with your feet and all that) is a pretty big deal. The sports sections thrive on covering the sport, it’s all over the news, and the fans lap it all up.

One football club decided they wanted to let only a single photography company take photos at their matches (presumably in return for a lot of money), effectively banning all other media outlets from sending their own photographers. Needless to say, it caused a bit of a stink.

The Plymouth Herald (relevant because the game was Plymouth versus Southampton – the latter being the photography-banning jokesters) resorted to reporting on the story using hand-drawn cartoons instead of actual photographs.

The Sun newspaper, which I normally despise on principle for being a load of mind-numbing populist hogwash, ran the rather witty “Opposition 0, Plymouth 1″ headline, and then proceeded to report on the game without mentioning the ‘opposition’ team name once.

I have a feeling Southampton FC will overturn their daft move pretty soon…