Canon C300: now with BBC approval

The Canon Eos C300

When it comes to approving cameras for use, the BBC is notoriously hardcore about the makes and models that it deems acceptable to film its programmes. And that's programmes produced by both its internal and external providers. They've got a reputation to uphold, I suppose.

It's understandable then, that Canon should be cock-a-hoop that the C300 has just been approved to shoot programmes that can be screened across the BBC's HD channels. The C300 is the third of Canon's camcorders to have received the BBC's seal of approval since January last year, the other two being the XF305 and XF300.

But you get the feeling that Canon is especially proud that the C300 passed the test, as it's the first in the EOS Cinema range, that combines Canon's video, broadcast, and dSLR expertise. Now they're excited to see how the BBC puts it to use. And I bet a few other people are interested, too.