Build your own Ring flash


Picture-5.jpgRetro is the new modern. Just look at the new design of this website! Anyway, as far as we can call the 90s retro, there was a distinctive trend in photography that developed rapidly, and has since all but vanished: The ring flash.

Giving an even, smooth light without casting shadows, and giving the funkiest reflections known to man, ring flashes are expensive, but cooler than a penguin’s testicles dipped in liquid nitrogen. The phat bit is that you can make them yourself. You’ll look like a right plonker when you use it, but never you mind – it’s all about the results, isn’t it? 


Picture-4.jpgWhen used in fashion or generally people photography it has the effect of creating a flat but almost iridescent lighting quality with a ‘halo’ effect around the subject. Cool yes, cheap? No. Flashes designed for macro photography generally will set you back about $400, while ring flashes for medium format and intended for fashion photography cost well over $1000!

Wicked stuff – check out the DigiHack website for information on how to build your own!

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