April photo competition winner!

Champagne copy

We’re sorry that it has taken us longer than usual to announce the winner of April’s photo competition. Haje was struggling for connection to the intergoogles whilst idling on a boat somewhere off of Thailand (hard life, isn’t it?) and then we had our customary email avalanche to decide on a winner. But we’ve got there! We found a picture featuring a part of the human body that made us go ‘Oooh!’ So, Ladies and Gentlemen, please raise your glasses to April’s winner…

The Rickshaw Puller, by Sakshi Kumar

Many congratulations to Sakshi Kumar for his photo The Rickshaw Puller! Drop me a note, Sakshi, and I’ll arrange for you to collect your prize from the amazing Fracture.

Also, this month, we’d like to give an honourable mention. It’s the first time that we’ve done this, but it’s our competition, so why not? Well done to Kevin Thornhill for his photo Entwined in Love:

Entwined in Love

It’s a compliment to all of you who entered that we took so long to find a winner.

May’s competition is up and running. The theme’s insects. All the details are here, though. Fracture are providing a fabulous prize again, so please do submit an entry!