Blurb's come a long way, baby

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Back in 2006, when Blurb entered the brave new world of publish-it-yourself photobooks, it offered one type of paper, one size of book, and a plain black linen cover. How times have changed. Blurb grew in popularity, and so did its range. And from today, with the launch of the new ProLine, there’s even more swanky and professional-looking choices. You can choose from two new types of cover (charcoal or oatmeal, in linen), five new end sheets (charcoal grey, dove grey, warm grey, black and white), and two new types of paper from Mohawk Fine Papers.

Eileen Gittins, Blurb’s CEO seems really quite chuffed with the new ProLine and the degree of customisation it allows people. They’ve listened to their customers and given them more professional choices. That included making Mohawk papers available for Blurb’s customers. There’s a heavy uncoated paper that’s an organic-y feel, or the pearl photo paper, which makes it feel as if you’ve a personalised book of photographic prints at your fingertips.

This is the ProLine, it has been designed for professionals wanting to showcase their work and get the oohs and aahs that it deserves, so it has a price to match. But don’t worry, Blurb hasn’t lost sight of what it does best: allowing anyone to create a photobook and tell a story.

Want a make a photobook with Blurb? Head over to the Blurb website.