Has the Creative Cloud storm encouraged Adobe to rethink its prices?

Well this is intriguing. Photo Rumors is reporting that Adobe recently surveyed some of its customers about a restructure to the not-very-well-received new Creative Cloud subscription model. Instead of the proposed $49.99 a month for the complete Cloud, or $19.99 a month for a single product subscription it asked how customers felt about paying $9.99 a month for Photoshop or $29.99 for all of Creative Cloud on a three year contract. At the end of the period, you'd be entitled to a permanent copy of CS6 and a promise to keep it updated for file types and camera. Now I didn't receive one of these fabled questionnaires and I've not heard of anyone who did. Whether it did or didn't survey a selection of its users, Adobe is under no obligation whatsoever to respond to the findings. And if it thinks that it can get away with the new pricing structure then why should it change. If there is a change to the subscription model in the offing, the rumoured structure is quite a departure from the original plan. I'd suspect it would be somewhere between the two. Let's wait to see.

(Headsup to Photo Rumors)