A snapshot of Times Square

Picture 2

The New York Historical Society wants your pictures of Times Square. It doesn’t matter if your photographs are architectural, portraits, reportage, or snapshots. Whether you’re a tourist or a super-enthusiastic amateur isn’t important, either. It’s about creating an archive of contemporary views of Times Square that will be searchable today and in the future.

There are some things take into consideration, though. Your pictures need to have been taken between 21 November 2010 and 31 March 2011. They need to take in Times Square from West 42nd to 47th Streets at Broadway or Seventh Avenue. They need to be in guf, jpg, or png format. They need to be at least 1,200 by 1,500 pixels (which is 8″ by 10″ in old money). And you can correct the colour and crop a bit, but nothing that alters the original subject matter is allowed.

Of course, the photo (or photos, you can make multiple submissions) must be yours, but you should check out the submission details for yourself. You can do that, and find out how to submit your photographs, here.

(Headsup to Photography Blog.)