Pixiq.com site goes down, leaving authors and readers in the lurch

Sterling Publishing apparently shut down the popular photography blogging site Pixiq today, only a few days after serving notice to all their bloggers, stating that the staff would no longer be required. Barnes and Nobles have a few things to celebrate this week, including a 20% hike in stock value when the rumours of Microsoft sniffing around their Nook e-book reader started seeping out on the internet.

That didn't stop Sterling Publishing (who operates the Pixiq brand) from shutting down the entire Pixiq.com site, posting a message on the site's homepage stating that the site no longer is active.

The message reads "Thank you for visiting www.pixiq.com. Sorry, this website is no longer active. For information about Pixiq books, please visit www.sterlingpublishing.com", and it appears that Pixiq just flicked off the switch, weeks before their contracts with the bloggers expired.

Er, okay then...

Farewell, Pixiq. You had a good run.

The site didn't communicate its intention of shutting up shop ahead of time, neither to its readers nor to the dozen active writers on the site.

"This is ridiculous", says one of the Pixiq bloggers. "It means I can't get my content back, even though the copyright was still mine, even though I had specific talks about that

Luckily, Photocritic staff Daniela Bowker and Haje Jan Kamps had a backup of their content, and were able to publish all the content on Photocritic.org with a minimum amount of downtime.

None of the editorial or management staff from Pixiq could be reached for a comment as this article was published.