We're on Twitter + new RSS feed!

Right, this is mostly a service announcement, so if you don’t use RSS or Twitter, feel free to ignore this post. Or you could, y’know, start using RSS and Twitter (Check out ‘RSS in Plain English and How to use Twitter on VJ).

SO… 2 things:

Twitter – Photocritic now has a Twitter account; you can see the updates in the side-bar (look for the Twitter-coloured box, you can’t miss it really) or follow me @photocritic. Go on, you know it makes sense. If you’re really curious, I’ve got a personal Twitter account too…

RSS / Syndication feeds – Turns out that the 30,000-odd RSS subscribers (Yes, really! Amazing stuff – thank you everybody!) are taking their toll on the server, so I’ve moved the RSS feeds across to Feedburner. I’ve done some clever redirection malarkey, so if you were already subscribing, you should just simply be redirected to the new feed, and you don’t have to do anything. If you’d rather get the feed from feedburner directly, check out feeds.feedburner.com/photocritic

Do you enjoy a smattering of random photography links? Well, squire, I welcome thee to join me on Twitter -

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